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By shabitatt, Jul 25 2017 09:46AM

Finally I've found the time to post- I have a daughter at home with flu and so my usual routine of working on my day off has been interupted. Although in true Bettie's style, it's never a case of truly switching off so here I am :) I'll use this first blog to tell you a little about Bettie's if that's ok?

So Geoff and I get a lot of people asking who Bettie is, and also phone callers actually asking to speak to Bettie. The name is actually taken from my daughter and son's names- BEThany and TIEler, and so Bettie is our child in more ways than one!

We also have customer's asking about the word 'Brocante'. It's French, and it's literal meaning is 'second-hand market'. We feel the word works perfectly for us for a couple of reasons; At Bettie's our main sales are furniture- vintage, retro, and antique. Like it or not, these are just other words for 'second-hand', but 'second-hand' doesn't sound great, hence 'Brocante'. Let's be honest- Second-hand Bettie's doesn't quite have the same ring to it as Bettie's Brocante, does it? Most of our furniture is painted, and a lot of it painted in the French style. We also stock new item's for your home, but we try and keep to the 'brocante' theme and so these items will mainly be reproductions of French and Swedish and English antiques. All very good reasons for the name Bettie's Brocante, we feel.

Before this turns into an essay I'm off to make breakfast - I shall then be putting in an order from our fabulous door knob supplier and maybe catching up on some accounts this afternoon.

Ta-ta for now, Caroline xx

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